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How to protect our aura?

A person's aura is a hopeful protection for its owner, but under stress or losses it can be broken, and for this we need to restore its protective functions.

Reasons for destroying our aura. Breakthroughs from stress, loss or magical interference are possible in our energy field. Another possibility is that a person himself attracts them with constant negative thoughts. Like lack of money, health or personal life problems. According to statistics, accidental break-ins are about eighty percent, and deliberate about twenty. As you can see, intentional impact is rare, but very dangerous if done by a professional.

In a particularly complicated case, a specialist is needed to restore the aura, but in this article we will share with you some methods of self-regulation of the aura

What can help restore your aura?

Fire from candles is desirable to become a frequent guest in your home. Everything negative that has stuck to your aura thanks to the fire will disappear. The ancient peoples who used candles were much better protected than we are.

It is useful to use aromatic oils of clove, oregano and pine to stabilize the aura.

Trees as an energy assistant

If you touch your back to the birch tree, the right hand is put on the tree at the height of your waist, and the left hand is put on your solar plexus and you perform full breathing, the birch tree will help you restore your aura.

Another way is to hug the tree and put your right cheek next to it, then the vital energy of the birch tree will merge with your aura and you will feel great inspiration and invigoration.

Mirrors also infuse our aura, it would be good to clean them once a month on a full moon with a salt solution or leave them in sunlight. In this way, the mirrors become like a clean sheet of paper.

To strengthen the aura, it is useful to listen to sounds of nature such as birds singing and the sound of the sea.

And the most important thing is to perceive life positively and in this way your energy and physical health will be preserved and will pave your way to happiness.