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What combinations of colors attract success

Colors affect a person's mood and energy. Using clothes with different colors can increase a person's energy, but it is important to know how to combine colors.

What combinations of colors attract success?

There are several auspicious combinations of colors that can be used in clothing and attract success or protect a person from negative influence.

Red with orange - lifts the mood and gives the person a joyful mood. This combination of colors can be used if a person is bored, sad, or wants to get new sensations about life.

Red with gold - this combination of colors is likely to attract material gains.

Orange with blue - this combination of colors protects the person from negative influence.

Pink with gray - such a combination attracts love and good and fruitful partners.

What combinations of colors are not suitable?

Red and blue such a combination has a negative effect on a person's emotional system. According to observations, people who often wear such combinations of colors become very distracted and self-confident people.

Orange and violet such a combination will interfere with negotiations and persuasion of partners.

Orange and black such a combination of colors brings failure and depression.

The combination of the colors of clothes can significantly affect the personal life, career and relationships of people.