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Erotic horoscope - Scorpio


We must not forget that this is a water sign and water quenches thirst and gives life. That's how Scorpios quench passion, love, their own and their partners', and get carried away by caresses and pleasures.

Girls, women, you can meet men's eyes begging for love and insatiable desire, and sooner or later you will answer this call, and you yourself will not know how you will end up in the bed of Scorpio. What adrenaline, sex and pleasure! But do not rush to make plans for the future. Scorpio is a wonderful lover, but he does not allow or does not give in to women's wiles. He must defeat the woman and enjoy the victory. Once he wins, he can leave the woman, but he will do it nobly, and don't ask why, and he himself doesn't understand, he's just driven by passion. If the soul is love and the flesh is passion, they are constantly fighting in it. The soul wants to be true and the body wants extreme sensations. Scorpio falls in love but not for long. This is the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac and you can't change his decisions but you will get his temperament and sexual experience as a reward.

Scorpio is a hero of love triangles, office romances are not a rare situation in his dynamic life. But in this regard, a woman should be careful in love adventures, not infrequently they are to achieve career goals. When they marry, they choose a woman compatible in mind and temperament, they guard their home like a fortress. They provide for the family and are excellent fathers, even harsh at times. For them, extramarital relationships are not uncommon. Sex, they perceive independence from marriage, but they do not allow random passions to spoil their family. You may say, this is immoral, that they are selfish, but this is how nature created them. Their sexual appetites and possibilities are unlimited. Sex restores their strength and they will work for the good of the family for a long time.


She could write a book on how to walk, talk and look when you want to seduce a man. This melting sensitivity floats in the valley of her desires and is designed to satisfy the needs of her body. When she meets an attractive man, she knows how to separate him from everything else, and before long he is too intrigued for any other woman.

The Scorpio woman takes love seriously and is a person of her passions. But it's not always just about sex, her passion for life regardless of any partner. Thus she becomes irresistible to men who want to make her dependent.

She is demanding in the bedroom and her demands are too heavy for many men. She has little patience for those who don't measure up to her or leave her half-satisfied. On the other hand, it is good for those who suffer from psychological inhibitions, and will do wonders for an impotent man if the cause is in his brain. This is not altruism on her part. The way he sees it, she's doing exactly what it takes to help him satisfy her.

She has a sharp eye and is gifted with remarkable intuition. She is too critical and precise in seeing the motives of others while remaining impervious to their attempts to approach her. True character is not easily revealed and may forever remain her secret.

She is persistent in pursuing her goals. He has the patience and ability to achieve them, all his moves are carefully planned. It takes a strong will to oppose her, for she knows what she wants and tries to achieve it with unusual force. Once angry, she can become very dangerous. If you betray her, she becomes your most dangerous enemy. She has no scruples when she wants retribution for someone who has not justified her trust. Jealousy is the biggest mistake. Something you should be sure of, she is deeply emotional, very sensitive and endlessly loyal to the one she loves. She can make many sacrifices for the man who managed to impress her. The Scorpio woman becomes a faithful mistress who will defend you in public, will fight in various circumstances for you and will not listen to what the neighbors say or think. Marriage, as you have already understood, can be either heaven or hell. There is no middle ground. Remember this is the most extreme sign of the zodiac.

She is a remarkable woman. The faint of heart should stay away from her!

Relationship guide

Scorpio - Scorpio

The union is rare, because although they are two strong partners and attract each other, they are tight together and boring apart. Having broken up for good and meeting even after years, they are ready to renew their friendship, but still unable to achieve the friendly embrace, they begin to look at each other suspiciously and coldly. And they stay on both sides of the road.

Scorpio - Sagittarius

A strange but common union. Both of them, as Chells, are spurred to action. Gambling lover, like-minded husbands, wonderful parents. This is most often the characteristic of such relationships.

Scorpio - Capricorn

A brilliant union of two strong signs. Their love is constant strong and deep. Their children are happy because they grow up in an atmosphere of love and harmony.

Scorpio - Aquarius

In this union Scorpio takes the top. He overtly and covertly guides Aquarius. Their love is original. The peaceful periods of their life together are replaced by a long war, and then a happy truce to a new war. But at the same time, it is very difficult for them to give up each other.

Scorpio - Pisces

In this union, Pisces is usually led. Scorpios are sensitive partners, they see and understand everything and sometimes even invent what is not there. Oddities are inherent in this union in all kinds of relationships, but Pisces often leave Scorpios suffering from their severe nature.