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How to raise a young Sagittarius?

Most young Sagittarians love to learn, but hate to be hampered by what they perceive as unnecessary rules. They are capable of setting their own norms and should be encouraged to do so. Sagittarius can go from a happy, carefree optimist to an angry, sarcastic old man. Therefore, it is very important that the child is allowed to take advantage of every favorable opportunity for learning and inclusion.

The Sagittarius child questions the values of adults and laughs at their hypocrisy. The best thing Sagittarius parents can do is to be completely honest.

What does the young Sagittarius need?

All children need love, but there is a difference in how it is given. In the case of young Sagittarius, there should be no pressure and coercion, love should be given through encouragement and with pleasure. Young Sagittarians hide their pains, disappointments and sorrows behind the spirited belief that everything will get better. A clown who laughs when his heart is breaking acts in a typical Sagittarian way.

What to teach the young Sagittarius

These restless, freedom-loving children need to understand that there are some social rules that must be followed for their own good. Handling money is another weakness of Sagittarius, for which he needs to be given some practical lessons. For example, not to give him pocket money if it is spent quickly and thoughtlessly. Thrift is not a natural quality of the generous, expansive Sagittarius. Wise parents should introduce the Sagittarius child to the facts of life from an early age, so that he is prepared when the adventures turn romantic.