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What mothers-in-law are different representatives of the zodiac

There are quite a few anecdotes about mothers-in-law. The mother-in-law can be a support for the young bride, but she can also destroy family happiness. Women in the role of mother-in-law exhibit different qualities. In this case, astrology can help by giving a characteristic of all the zodiac signs.


In relation to her son, she is lenient and generous, but does not tolerate arguments. With such royalty and condescension he will treat the young bride as well. With such a mother-in-law it is not desirable to get close and look at her like a mother, in such cases she will not allow us to act independently.


Practical and calm. If she accepts the daughter-in-law as her child, she will help her in all directions, but if they do not like each other, she will constantly weave intrigues and will not say anything openly.


Mobile, inquisitive, knows how to smooth out conflicts and attract young people to each other. In difficult relationships, he shows great impulsiveness, irritability. To be successful with her, it is advisable to bet on family relations.


She is domineering and wants to completely possess the young family. It is true that for young people it is ready for anything, but it is difficult to give independence. It is best to keep your distance with her. So she will be balanced and calm and can give a lot of practical advice.


The Royal Lioness will not be so strict with her son and his wife. In her relations with young families, she will show generosity and give useful advice. If you distance yourself from it, it will help you superficially and it will not interfere in your life.


Attentive, picky, she will treat the young family with authority and restraint. It is best to keep your distance with her. This will make her respect you more.


Equal relations, friendliness and independence. She is always a good helper for the young family. If you keep your distance from her, you will encounter arrogance and great pride


She is ready to forgive all the sins of the young family, but on the other hand, she can plot intrigues with which to get to the warrior. She is hard to live with.


Mobile, sociable, educated, but as a mother-in-law she is extremely egocentric. The ideal position is to keep your distance.


A strict and restrained woman. It can be a business lady or a housewife, but either way it will strictly follow the rules. In his contacts with the young family, he will show balance and practicality. But if the relationship becomes strained, you will face great, suspiciousness and vindictiveness.


Sociable and a little superficial, she is the ideal option for a mother-in-law. In case of conflict, he will show a philosophical attitude to life.


An impractical dreamer. As a mother-in-law, she will be capricious and offensive. In most cases, she will treat the young family coolly and rationally.