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What the representatives of the zodiac can lie to us about

Everyone knows what zodiac sign they and their loved ones were born under, but not everyone knows what negative traits each zodiac sign can have. The article is devoted to how and why the representatives of the various zodiac signs lie, as well as how to expose them.

Aries lies exception to the rules

Aries is one of the most honest and frank signs of the zodiac. He is fearless and that is why he is not afraid to tell the truth to his face. He is ready for conflicts when it is necessary to prove his right. Aries can resort to deception and lying in an exceptional case. For example, when he wants to avoid an unpleasant situation.

The lies of the Taurus are mainly from the financial sphere and love intrigues

Taurus are great lovers of intrigue and intrigue. There is a lot of unspoken and undefined in their words. Taurus are sensitive and soft-spoken and it is awkward for them to say no. In such a case, Taurus switches to silence in the conversation, and subsequently, when the situation is actually realized, you will understand that you have been deceived. They are also wonderful financial manipulators, so you will hardly know the real state of their bank accounts. Representatives of the zodiac often have several love relationships.

Gemini lies convincing and believable

Geminis are masters of double games, intellectual trickery or oratorical bewitchment. If Gemini wishes to achieve something, sell things or hide their actions. Their actions will be carefully considered. Like a chess tournament. In general, you will have a hard time detecting when they are cheating. Geminis like Tauruses in their personal relationships love the double game. Gemini will not avoid a direct answer, but will honestly convince his victim of fidelity and sincere infatuation.

Cancer lies in most cases for salvation

Cancers don't lie, but they don't tell the whole truth. And this is not from an evil thought, but from hostile concealment. Cancer will remain silent or simply divert the topic of conversation. To get him into clean water, you need to look him straight in the eye. Tai will surely blush, be embarrassed, and hide the truth will be difficult for him.

Leo's lies have no line between truth and lies

Leos lie very believably. Leo can tell everything very dramatically. Such a setting does not allow the interlocutor to take Leo seriously. That is why it is advisable to be vigilant when talking to the representatives of this sign and trust your intuition as to whether they are telling the truth or it is just a theatrical performance.

Compulsive Virgo Lies

Representatives of the sign do not like to lie, and it is very easy to catch Virgo in a lie. In the presence of doubt, the Virgo will prove circumstantially, argumentatively and in all nuances and situations their sincerity and rightness. In society, they prefer to look good, especially among little-known people. In such circumstances, Virgos can successfully take advantage of the situation and completely turn the circumstances in their favor.

Lies of Libra professional liars

Libras are masters of tricks, cunning and intrigue. Lovers of comfort and convenience, they turn the situation around as it is convenient for them. Geminis are similar to many misunderstandings and many lies. To avoid the direct answer or to hide the real situation, the representatives of the sign act like experienced chess players. With these qualities, they can be excellent diplomats or lawyers.

The lies of Scorpios are provocative but convincing

Scorpios are skilled manipulators and provocateurs. They act on the psyche of the victim, having deep knowledge of human psychology, vices, secret desires and inner world of man. The everyday lie is not interesting to them. And if the other signs lie to get an advantage or calm the situation, then the scorpions with their intrigues can simply destroy their victim, especially if they want to take their place.

Sagittarian lies are clumsy but systematic

Sagittarians love to tell about their adventures where they are always the victorious hero. The line between lies and truth is very thin, and Sagittarius himself does not know where it is. In intrigues, especially related to career or financial success, Sagittarius like to act with other people's hands. They skillfully lie to the right people. Lies can be sewn with white threads, but they rely on people's short-sightedness and gullibility.

The lies of Capricorn secretiveness that gives rise to guesswork

Capricorns are the least likely to lie, and anyway they are secretive and don't like to tell about their intentions. In the collective or among little-known people, they are encapsulated and one can hardly understand anything about them. God forbid you expose them on any occasion, you will be met with a wave of cruelty and even rudeness.

Aquarian lies are intellectual frauds

Even if he lies, Aquarius has very honest eyes, and when he says an honest word, he is lying. And he tells what not and embellishes it as he pleases. Representatives of the zodiac love an intellectual lie and, like experienced chess players, think over several moves ahead. Lies mask very well and the interlocutor can hardly understand whether what is being said is true or fiction.

Pisces lies unreal reality

Pisces are great masters of intrigue. They create illusions and can live in them themselves, but everything can at one moment collapse like a cardboard tower. Representatives of the zodiac can go shopping in the morning and return late in the evening explaining that the vehicle broke down or they helped people in trouble. But this is one side of the coin, they are great manipulators and in the team and always achieve their goals goals and designs. They can make excellent lawyers and diplomats.