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How to raise a young Scorpio?

Scorpio children are usually active, quick learners and intelligent. They have a highly developed curiosity that needs to be satisfied. It is desirable that they tactfully deviate from the excessive interest they show in forbidden areas, as they get carried away by everything that is mysterious, mystical or an intimate part of someone else's life.

The best way to win over a Scorpio child is to always be loyal and allow them to pursue their interests in science, medicine, magic, engineering, sports and literature.

What the young Scorpio needs

It is very important for Scorpio children to have their own intimate place where they can be alone and undisturbed by anyone. It can be a private room or just some closet. It could be some kind of hiding place or a small box with a key. The secret place gives the Scorpio child a sense of security.

What to teach the young scorpion

Understanding the rightness and needs of others is an important lesson for the young Scorpio. In this way, Scorpio children learn to forget insults and mishaps in everyday life.