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How different zodiac signs perceive sex

The energy of individual zodiac signs is different, especially when it comes to intimacy. Each person is capable of causing diametrically opposite feelings and sensations to another person. This article will help you determine the basic psychological portrait of the person from the various signs and reveal his sexual characteristics.

Aries - Proud

The representatives of this sign do not like foreplay and try to have a sexual act as quickly as possible with the person they liked. Since Aries are big egoists, they are not interested and excited by the partner's pleasure and think only about their own satisfaction. Basically, they do the process of intimacy for personal pleasure.

Taurus - Romantics

Those born under the sign of Taurus skillfully control their impulses and passions. These qualities of theirs help them fully enjoy the sexual act. Representatives of this sign love foreplay and caresses. They have a hard time finding a balance between romance and passion. If you like gentle and sensual sex, then in this respect they have no equal.

Twins - Fabulous

The representatives of this sign are aroused primarily intellectually. In intimacy, they always discuss their every action. Some representatives of the zodiac can shock you with seductive monologues during the love act.

Cancer - Emotional

Cancers perceive sex as a prelude to love. For them, it is not just a mechanical action, but a poetic act of uniting two lovers. Cancers value the sincerity and beauty of relationships very much.

Leo - Dominant

Lions are passionate natures. Representatives of this sign will do everything necessary to make you feel amazing in sex with them. Although they always strive to dominate, their partner will never feel humiliated. The Leo will always find something to amaze his partner with in sex, and it will undoubtedly be a memorable event.

Virgo - Insatiable

The first thing that will impress you about the representatives of the sign Virgo is their purity and indecisiveness. At first, these qualities may push you away, but if you earn their trust, know that they won't leave you alone. This will be a pleasant surprise for you, because Virgos in sex are ready for love experiments and give themselves completely to their partner so that he can experience all the pleasures of sex.

Libra - Tempters

Libras are masters of sexual games. They always strive for ideal harmony with their partner. They can also beautifully combine eroticism with romance. Oil massages, soft music, candles are their reserved measure for the sexual act.

Scorpio - Passionate

Scorpios are sexually liberated people and no one can resist their magnetism. Contacting them intimately be ready for unforgettable sexual moments. They will tirelessly try to please you and fulfill your most intimate sexual desires.

Sagittarius - Persistent

Sagittarians are masters of seduction. This applies to both men and women representatives of this sign. For representatives of this sign, sex is a hunt. Sagittarians love sex a lot. They are interested in every detail in this process and especially the partner's behavior.

Capricorn - Careful

They are not the best lovers, they find it difficult to tune in to their partner's wave. For them, it is necessary to feel, understand his weaknesses and then show what they are capable of. If you have patience, the representatives of this sign can give you incredible pleasures.

Aquarius - Curious

Representatives of this sign like to experiment in sex, and always use additional sex toys to amaze their partner at the right moment. In general, they treat sex calmly and will never demand more than their partner's capabilities.

Pisces - Sensitive

Those born under this zodiac sign perceive sex as a pleasant addition to relationships, but do not expect surprises and mind-blowing nights from them. Pisces will let their partners find the right rhythm, relax and enjoy the pleasure of the sexual act.