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The color tells

It is known that color strongly affects our psyche. At the same time, color preferences can tell a lot about a person's personality. For this purpose, it is enough to do the following test.

Imagine the eight colors: red, yellow, blue, green, brown, violet, gray and black. Then arrange the colors in order of decreasing liking for them.

It is the most beautiful color

This one is nice too

Totally enjoyable

More or less likeable


Nothing special

I do not like

The most disgusting

Now decipher the result


If it ranks first in the test, it means that you are an aggressive person with leadership qualities. If the color red occupies the third or fourth place in the ranking, it is a sign that you are satisfied with work and family life. If the red color is in the last four places in the test, it means that you are too shy and suffer from various complexes.


Placed in the first two places says that you are an optimist. A person who loves life. If the yellow color occupies one of the last places in the test, it means that you are pessimistic or depressed.


This color symbolizes peace, the feeling of satisfaction with yourself and others. If it is in the first three places, it means that your life is going normally. When it is in the fourth or inferior place, it predicts that your strength is at an end and you are on the verge of a crisis.


Preference for this color testifies to a desire to win recognition to be liked. However, if this color stands in the last places in the test, then the person feels dependent and pressured by the circumstances.


This color symbolizes health, safety and the desire for constancy. The people who put it in the first places in the test are homemakers. If this color is placed in the last places in the test, it speaks of disregard for one's own health.


In the first three places, it predicts great sensitivity and sentimentality, willingness to obey and the need for protection. In the last two places, it means that you are a domineering and aggressive nature that does not take into account other people's opinions


People who prefer this color are secretive and closed, but also very balanced. If it stands in the first places in the test, it predicts emotional depression or physical fatigue. In the last two places, it is a sign of imbalance and even hysterics.


If this color stands in one of the first places, it speaks of an inner protest and inability to reconcile with the circumstances and a desire to fight to the end. When it stands in the last places, it means that calmness is the most important thing for a person. High goals excite him.