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How does the age difference between partners affect?

A loving person is always asking questions. What will our relationship be like in the future? What period will we be together? Will our marriage be happy? In search of the truth, people begin to study astrology, numerology, palmistry, to consult fortune tellers and astrologers. But few know that the answers to these questions can tell us the age difference between the lovers.

If the lovers are of the same age, they must be patient. Because both partners are individualists who are not used to giving in. Their relationship resembles life with a doppelgänger and often ends in a breakup. A marriage between peers can only be saved if there are common interests.

If the man is younger than his partner by a year or two, such a woman can only be envied. Provided that the woman respects the partner and sincerely recognizes his merits. Such a couple has a chance to achieve true harmony.

A difference of three years promises complex trials for your marriage. In such a situation, both partners will create difficulties for each other and shrink themselves. Such a marriage is most often built on struggle and rivalry. But sometimes this is what partners achieve a lot in life.

Couples who are four years apart can be considered lucky. Their union will be harmonious and they will complement each other perfectly.

Five years is an insidious difference. In such a relationship, one will necessarily be the leader and the other will be led. If both like this distribution of roles, there are no problems. It will be bad if one of the partners constantly has to please the leader. Such relationships are difficult to break up, but also very difficult to maintain.

One of the partners is six years younger or older than his or her husband or wife. The joint life of such a couple will be filled with trials and problems. If the partners do not learn to make compromises, a break is inevitable.

Seven year marriage gap. A mysterious union full of mysteries and mystical coincidences. Spouses will hide many things from each other, but only to be happy. Such couples have a chance to be together for many years.

Eight years is a very successful and fruitful union.

Nine years this difference between the partners is considered critical. Partners will have a hard time coping with the blows of fate.

For ten years, such couples must continuously improve themselves. If they want to be together, they have to make a lot of effort. To fight and remember that true love is capable of miracles.

A difference of eleven to twelve years brings nothing but pain and disappointments. Such a connection is good only for lovers of extreme experiences.

Thirteen-fifteen years apart - fatal relationships. If the spouses can give themselves completely, they will be happy. If not a breakup.

Sixteen-twenty years usually a very harmonious union. Spouses expect mutual understanding and unconditional support in a difficult moment.