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What to do when we have no energy and strength

Fatigue, sleepiness, apathy for no reason can be a consequence of lack of energy. If you often have a drop in vitality and mood, you clearly lack energy. How to energize ourselves to be in good shape?

In order to preserve your energy and be protected from negative influences, it is recommended to wear silver items, rings, chains, bracelets.

Remove all houseplants from your room if there are any. Many of them probably suck your energy.

Before sleep, ventilate the room in which you will sleep.

Remove mirrors from the room where you sleep, they negatively affect your physical and emotional state.

Spend more time in nature, so you will be able to recharge with energy and strength.

Take a contrast shower or bath, this will help you get rid of anxious thoughts.

If you use these methods you will regulate your energy field.