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You'll know them by the drink

Women are born artists and magicians, especially when communicating with the stronger sex. When men enter into relationships with them, it is difficult for them to understand what the ladies think about them.

How to navigate the mysterious female nature? This is where folk wisdom comes to the rescue" What is in the mind of a sober person is in the tongue of a drunkard" To learn more about your partner, you should conduct the so-called alcohol test.

If your partner likes to consume wine and liqueurs, you are dealing with a purposeful person who knows how to achieve her goals. She navigates the situation well and strives to command. So there is a risk of becoming a call boy, but there is also good news, your partner is very experienced in sensual pleasures.

If your beloved prefers alcoholic cocktails, know that this is a capricious nature, she is always looking for something new, and if you cannot offer them novelties, you are simply not for her.

If your lover prefers champagne, she is a big coquette. She will demand gallantry and sophistication from her partner. She herself wants to look sexy but is only capable of boring sex.

Cognac lovers are self-confident and quite sophisticated women. They carefully choose their partners according to their ideas. If your behavior, position, finances correspond to her requirements, she will stick to you.

Vodka is usually preferred by strong people, but also by lonely people who do not have a permanent partner. When it comes to intimate relationships, these women are never insensitive. Intimacy with them is like a hurricane that can drag you into the abyss.

If your girlfriend prefers beer, you are dealing with a smart, inquisitive person with a great sense of humor. She is brave and independent, but it will be difficult to win her over.

When the lady offers to choose the drinks herself, it means that she is ready for an adventure. She does not suffer from complexes and has no problems that she cannot solve, but she can think of playing the role of an unapproachable woman. Then the solution is one of courage and action.

If the lady you like tells you that she does not drink alcohol, then you are facing a potential old maid. Don't waste your time on this.