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How does color affect your mood?

Man lives in a world full of colors. Choosing the color of clothes affects how your day will go. The same applies to the colors that surround us at home or in the office, because colors affect our psyche.

Color therapy

The history of Flower Therapy dates back a long time. People have noticed which colors have a positive effect on their lives and have started using them. Scientists have come to the conclusion that individual colors have an impact on the body. Dark colors cause depression and light colors fill a person's life with a positive attitude and joy.

In China and India, many diseases are treated with Flower Therapy, modern medicine also recognizes Flower Therapy. Through it, people gain working capacity and strengthen their nervous system. Each color carries a certain energy and connects our feelings and emotions. Our mental state reacts acutely to a change in color.

The possibilities of colors are limitless, each color can not only heal, but also influence a person's mood. One must have knowledge of colors to know what colors to use.

The color palette is the main tool of the artist. The artist chooses the colors to create a landscape. Some colors irritate a person, others calm them, and others cause aggression. Color can also shape a person's character.

Researchers divide colors into primary and secondary. Colors are active, passive and neutral.


If you wish to start a new stage in life, it is advisable to surround yourself with yellow objects. For example, if you are starting a new job or moving house, this color will remove your insecurities and bring you success.


This color is secondary, but has a positive meaning. It helps to regain strength after a hard day's work and promises many joyful events.


The color blue stimulates truth and peace. The color blue is good to use when dreaming or thinking about the future. The color will give you confidence and peace of mind.


This color should be handled carefully, in some cases it can cause aggressive behavior.


This color is associated with nature and affects the material well-being of people. If you want your home to enjoy well-being, choose it.


If you have a lot of nervous tension, it would be good to choose this color. Tai will help you find a way out of complex situations and stimulate your creative abilities.

In order to be successful in life, you should approach the choice of the color of your office or home clothes very carefully.