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Money as a special kind of energy

People living on earth are dependent on necessary things, products, clothes and objects that make life easier. In the past, there was a natural exchange of products, it was an exchange of energy between people without an intermediary, which money later took over this function. You can love or despise money, it is a personal attitude, but it is desirable to respect it as an equivalent of your own or other people's work.

The energy of money will begin to act actively when we, with our thoughts and desires, will create an impetus for this movement. The energy of the universe does not understand our desires like asking for a car or a home. For this, you need to think and write down your desire on a piece of paper, but with as few details as possible. Before setting a goal to attract money, it is necessary to know your financial capabilities. Money does not like excessive ambitions like disrespect and gluttony. To satisfy your desire the energy of money can be realized through different flows. Such as a new business or additional income. The more experienced you are, the more energy flows you will attract. The main thing is not to be afraid of changes, to help yourself you can use esoteric practices, make rituals, charge talismans. The most important thing in this case is that you change your consciousness regarding money.