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Energy of money

The energy of money is difficult to manage. The ability to properly manage this energy makes it possible to increase income. There are situations in life when it is necessary to know how to manage this energy.

For example, you were asked to lend money, on the one hand it is necessary to help people but only if the means allow you, on the other hand lending can block your money energy. Because the money will not work for you, but other people will dispose of it and then it will return to you without any benefit or benefit.

How do we properly give money so that this generous gesture of ours can attract more good finances?

When we lend money, our subconscious perceives this as a signal that we very easily lend money as if we don't need it. Thus, the more money we give, the less finances we will have, but this does not mean that you should not lend money to loved ones. You just have to do it right.

Money increases in this case when it is in motion. What will this movement be when you have given and you will receive as much as you have given. If it concerns a close person, he simply cannot give up, but remember only if your money brings an increase, you will be able to calm your subconscious and increase the financial flow.

If you are uncomfortable giving your loved one less than a percentage, you can ask for a small gift of a bottle of alcohol, chocolate or a box of candies for the service, in this case the money works for you and benefits you.

Who is it dangerous to lend to?

There is a category of people who live only with loans, maybe their fate is like that or they just don't know how to plan income and expenses. Occultists believe that the poorer and more unhappy a person is, he cannot manage, and it is not desirable to give loans to such people. Because the energy of money is related to the energy of the person and the more successful he is, the more money he will have and vice versa.

If your loved one constantly asks you to borrow money, then agree that he himself is to blame for this situation. Yes, he will return the money, but with the money he will also return a part of his disaster because money reacts to the personal energy of the person.

If the person is in need and you have determined that you can allocate this amount, give it to him free of charge. In this way, you and the person will be able to save yourself, but this does not mean that you should help everyone for free.

Do it according to your feeling and capabilities!