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A magical week

Each day of the week has its own character and is under the protection of certain forces, and if a person knows how to work with these forces, he will have the opportunity to manage them.

Monday - the day patronizing contacts between people. In order to be successful on this day, people will have to focus on their intuition, it will show them the right path to success. Ritual before you leave the house, throw a glass of water in front of you to keep you hydrated.

Tuesday - during the day, wear a red garment or, if you don't have one, tie a red thread. If you have a red wallet or a red bag, that's even better. In your purse or wallet, put two bills of different denominations to suit your needs for the day. Set meetings if you have them at 2 pm or greet everyone you meet twice. In this way, you are very likely to ensure your success on the day.

Wednesday is a good day for making plans for the future. On this day, people should also beware of swindlers. To carefully consider what is offered to them and then give their answer. Ritual - On Tuesday evening, put a coin under your pillow and say: Coins with the energy of money charged me and improved my finances.

Thursday - For success on this day you can count on friends and acquaintances. Find a silver object on Wednesday evening, put it in water, and on Thursday morning, drink the water, saying: Silver water light my way and luck during the day be on my side. So be it and so be it.

Friday - the day patronizing friendships and passions. It would be good if you could use the day for love and enjoyment. Ritual- Take a gold ornament and three red candles. Put the candles in a circle and the gold ornament in the middle and wish yourself success in love. Single representatives through this ritual will soon have the opportunity to find a soul mate.

Saturday - on this day it is not desirable to do anything serious and important. Going to church is desirable, reading prayers as well. For a successful day, you can carry 18 coins of the same value.

Sunday - in order to have success during the day, in the morning after getting up, turn to the east and say: Sun, illuminate my path and gift me with good events.

We wish you luck!