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How to get rid of unhappy love?

Love comes sooner or later in a person's life. However, a big problem is unhappy love.

There are several reasons for this condition, break in relationships, unresolved issues or physical loss of a loved one. All these cases are related to painful emotions, and the person himself can get rid of and help himself in these cases.

In terms of energy, unhappy love is a disease that blocks energy centers and weakens the will. A person suffering from unhappy love may experience changes in biochemical and hormonal processes, which leads to a mental disorder. When a person's soul suffers, so does his physical body. This process is inevitable.

What practical actions should we take to get out of the crisis?

In order to get rid of the consequences of unhappy love, we need to work on ourselves in a disciplined way. The practices that we will share with you infuse the human consciousness, his astral and physical body. By performing these exercises, you will be able to overcome frustration and depression more easily.

The first thing you need to do is related to material things. You must get rid of all material things that remind you of this person. To destroy photos, gifts, ornaments. After removing the aforementioned items, it would be a good idea to clean your living space.

It is not desirable to visit places where you have been together. End contacts with mutual acquaintances.

On the thirteenth lunar day, light a white candle, having previously written on a sheet of paper the feelings and emotions you need to part with. Read the list three times out loud and put it on the candle flame to burn it. Let the candle burn to the end. After sunset, collect the remains of the candle and the ashes of the leaves and bury them in the ground. This ritual will free you from your tormenting emotions.

After energy cleansing, you need to restore your bio field and fill it with energy from the opposite sex. To achieve this, you need to have more contact with people, and especially with the opposite sex.

The most important thing is that by practicing these simple techniques you can get positive emotions, the other important thing is not to give up if the first time it doesn't work and to try again until it works.