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Photo examples and superstitions

Various superstitions are associated with photographers, and many of them have come from other countries and have firmly settled in our consciousness. For example, when you take a picture of yourself, your soul is also photographed. It is for this reason that in some countries it is forbidden to photograph the local population without their permission.

In many countries, it is believed that the camera and the camera have a special mystical power. But now let's understand the terminology. Examples are a collection of many observations, and superstition is what particularly impressionable citizens claim, is not confirmed by facts and does not come true.

The most common examples

The photograph has been dropped or the frame and glass have broken. Falling and damaging the photograph is considered a bad sign and, as a rule, it is assumed that the person depicted in the photograph is in some danger. If the photograph shows two lovers, problems between them or separation are possible. In other words, if the photo has fallen, but the frame and glass have not broken, nothing will happen. However, if spots appear on several photographs of the same person taken at different times, then we should be careful. This is a sign that the person depicted in the photo may get sick, but here there are also nuances, whether the photo is made of quality materials, and if several photos relating to different periods of the person's life have damage to the images, it is desirable that the person pictured to do extensive research. In addition, it is necessary to report where the lesions are, on his face or body. Then the problem really might be healthy.

Why does the photograph of a person who is no longer alive fade?

In this case, several points should be taken into account, whether direct sunlight falls on the photograph and the fading is due to this, or whether the person is really not among the living. Intuition and feeling for the photographed comes to the rescue here.

It is not advisable to give your photo to a loved one

This is explained by the fact that a photograph of a person carries the energy of loneliness. Because when such a photo gets to a person whom you have chosen as a companion in life, he may subconsciously perceive you as a person who does not need a partner.

In our time, it is customary to give photos or artistic photo portraits, in which the person looks much better. attractive than it really is. So you can design your doppelgänger, but in most cases this will not turn out to your advantage.

You must not cut or burn your own or other people's photographs

Photographs are a kind of mystical images and are closely related to the people depicted, that is why it is believed that if you burn or cut your own or other people's photographs, you will attract diseases and suffering to yourself. That is, you will destroy the entire energy field of photographs and this cannot help but affect your condition.

We should not publish or give away photographs of small children

The energy field of children is not as powerful as that of adults, therefore children are often exposed to foreign influence. The same applies to publishing children's photos on social networks. The malice, gloating of malicious people can bring illness to the child or make him very capricious and his resistance forces weaken.

With these recommendations, we hope you have a new perspective on the subject of photography