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How to get rid of anxiety and panic

Panic disorders are characteristic not only of nervous people. The idea that these people are infantile and unbalanced in themselves is not true. Not infrequently, panic also affects socially successful people who have a tendency to suppress their feelings, such as joy, insult, anger. Sudden anxiety and panic confuse human life and need correction.

Physiological mechanism

Fear and anxiety are biological emotions that are necessary for survival. They provide the body with a powerful energy resource whether to enter the fray or avoid danger. A sudden feeling of fear or anxiety produces many changes in the body. Like adrenaline which increases heart rate. People whose anxiety manifests itself in the form of panic lose control over themselves. Panic attacks occur periodically. Many people hold back their negative feelings, sooner or later this energy will leave the body.

In such conditions, a person turns to the doctor. Not infrequently, after long examinations, a diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed, which includes sedatives, but the condition does not change and the patient understands that the problem is not medical but psychological in nature. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists, as a rule, prescribe drug treatment. Which includes, sedatives but all these have a temporary effect. Because the cause of panic is psychological and effective treatment is not drug therapy.
How to overcome anxiety and panic with other means

In such cases, the condition can be stabilized with proper breathing, which is a very powerful tool. The thing is, when such conditions occur, the breathing becomes superficial, purified. The respiratory system is closely related to the endocrine and cardiac systems, and here comes the answer. Slow deep breathing stabilizes the condition, such breathing reduces heart contractions and balances the endocrine system. This way we can hide the problem.