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How to protect our home from envy and quarrels?

Many times it happens that quarrels arise in our home for no reason, and sometimes the outburst of emotions can lead to the termination of relations and separation. The reason for this can be the accumulated negative energy.

The envy of outsiders to your family happiness can become a serious obstacle in personal relationships. It is complicated and difficult to protect yourself when dealing with other people who can bring negative energy into your home. This may be a person with hostile intentions towards you and your family who frequents your home.
How to clear your home of negative energy?

For this purpose, holy water and church candles are needed. An appropriate period is the nineteenth lunar day. To begin with, collect all old, broken and unnecessary items and throw them in the trash. Take the holy water and sprinkle it all over your home, starting at the front door and going through all the rooms. As the whole procedure is carried out clockwise. Emphasize more on the corners of the rooms. If necessary, leave small vessels with holy water. Then light a church candle and go through all the rooms clockwise again. In the places where the candle emits black smoke or smoke, put salt in a small container and place the candle. When it burns, collect the salt and the butt from the candle and throw it in running water.
Quick cleaning

Here, special importance is given to mirrors. We must remember that after visiting a person who, according to you, does not have good feelings for you, it is desirable to take the necessary measures. For this we need to take holy water and wipe the mirrors in our home with it. This way you will stop the negative attitude towards you and your family.
How to avoid conflicts?

If there are frequent conflicts in your family, you need to harmonize your space. By buying two vases with wide bottoms and narrow necks and placing them near your beds. In the kitchen, place two identical round containers.

If you do this energy cleansing every month on the nineteenth lunar day, you will see how your life will start in a favorable light for you and your family.