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The magical month of love

Do you know how with the help of ancient magical rites to preserve or improve your love relationships, to understand the reasons that prevent you from establishing the desired contacts? This article will tell you what to expect based on the month you start your romantic relationship.


The meeting that took place this month promises long-lasting mutual feelings, you will not be worried about problems from the immediate environment.


Infatuation with each other portends a similarity of beliefs. You will be good friends, but love will be a distant prospect for you. Mutual feelings can arise only if you trust your intuition.


Your passions portend romantic love, but you will need a lot of time and energy for this love to turn into a serious relationship that can develop into cohabitation.


April dating brings beautiful and bright relationships that can very quickly end in marriage.


The meeting held in May may bring love intrigues, so be careful who you give your feelings to and whom you trust.


The June meeting is mysterious, romantic and promises a healthy union and mutual understanding that can grow into a long-lasting union.


Such acquaintances are not long-lasting, it is unlikely that they will develop into something lasting.


Your meeting in August has prepared a surprise, a brief separation and a renewal of relations afterwards. Use the period of separation to rethink your relationship and adjust your behavior.


The meeting that took place before this month does not promise a long relationship and serious intentions, it looks more like entertainment. So don't waste your time.


Passions in this month bring sincere feelings and sincere relationships that can quickly develop into cohabitation.


The November meeting threatens relationships with unforeseen disappointments and emotional discomfort that will be difficult to overcome. The probability of a long-lasting relationship is small.


The December meeting is a gift from fate that portends a long-lasting and fruitful marital relationship.