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How to develop our intuition?

The sixth sense or intuition tells us how to anticipate events and thus be ready for the twists and turns of fate.

Our friends emotions

Before answering the question in the title of the article, let's understand why we want to develop intuition?

The answer is perhaps to prepare for possible problems in advance, but the task of man is to learn to calmly accept that in his life there will be ups and downs, pain and joy, good and bad. As a rule, one should learn to appreciate the present moment, not when it's all over.

If our emotional background is bad, then our intuition will also be in the low vibrations of dissatisfaction. This condition of the person will prevent him from seeing the positive perspectives of the situation.

First of all, it must be realized that we have several options for the development of events, but we only see the one that most corresponds to our vibrations. For this, we need to maintain a calm emotional background and not go to extremes.
Observe your body

It is desirable to do gymnastics every day. A good gait is particularly valuable for the development of intuition. The thing is, the body can help or hinder the development of intuition. There are expressions like "my skin crawled" or "I got chills". By starting the day with physical exercise, you keep yourself ready for battle and activate your natural sense or intuition.
Is random news really random?

The next step to developing intuition is to understand that life speaks to us in different ways. So, for example, instead of mumbling that you don't know how to make more money. Clear your emotional background and ask life about this desire of yours and know that the answer will be given to you.

Don't be surprised if a colleague or friend of yours talks about needing a partner for a new project. The answer will come sooner or later, but for that you need to be vigilant in all life situations.
Pay attention to your dreams

Another key to developing intuition is dreams. You won't always need a professional interpretation. You need to remember the sensations and emotions that the dream evoked in you.

One of my clients was thinking about the question of whether it is necessary to meet at work with a person she barely knows. During his sleep, he dreamed of a movie character who was deceiving people. After this dream, she approached this meeting very carefully, and it turned out that her suspicions were well-founded.
Be open

Don't live with preconceived notions. Even if you are one hundred percent confident that you are right, try to listen and understand your opponent's arguments. It is possible that fate will provide you with some important information through it.

Respect yourself and monitor your feelings and emotions, namely what events will befall you depends on them. Be alert to everything happening with you or around you and your intuition will develop.