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Water will reduce the child's anxiety

Children often get sick from the negative energy and nervous tension accumulated in the home. Their energy channels are open and they cannot protect themselves from negative energy.

To calm the child, you need to wash him in a special way. In old homes, door handles were in the shape of brackets. Such a handle is needed, regardless of whether it is on the door or on a piece of furniture. Pour holy water through the hole from a cup into your palm. Wash the child's face and hands with this water. Then say a prayer. Do not wipe off the water, it should dry on its own. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Another way is to tie a cotton scarf to the child with the knot just under his chin. This way you will protect the child from negative energies.

Another means of removing negative energy is to place the child's hands under running water from the sink. Thus, the negative energy will be washed away from the water.

If the child sleeps restlessly, the place where his bed is located will need to be cleaned. A church candle is needed for this purpose. Light it and walk around the bed area. The fire will burn all the dirt that interferes with the child's peaceful sleep. With this candle, go around the entire nursery, starting from the window and moving clockwise.

There should not be a mirror in the child's room because it gives away the negative information accumulated in it in the dark.