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Rules for positive psychology

Mirror rule- Your environment is yourself. Your personality is projected onto other people. Unconsciously, you attract those of your kind. If you are often roughed up, then you allow it. If you are prone to aggression, you will see that other people will show the same emotions towards you.

Rule of choice

It is important to understand that what is happening around you is not accidental but completely natural. Each person has a choice, but it is important to understand that the result depends only on you. If you are dealing with other people's problems now, then this is necessary.


It is not right to consider yourself right in different situations. Every person has rules that guide him in life. Your understanding may not match or resonate with that of many people. This does not mean that the world is divided into white and black, but there are many shades.


Everyone gets what they deserve. Mad love should not be demanded of man if he is not worthy of it.


Nobody owes anybody anything. Selfless help is the truest way. People should be helped with pleasure and without any benefits. A strong personality is independent of circumstances.


The present moment is the most precious. The future has not happened, and the past will not return. Clinging to the past leads to depression. The ability to feel the present moment is the way that will lead you to happiness.


Each of us lives and enjoys every moment of our earthly journey. There is no point in wasting time in accusations and resentment. Each person builds his own destiny. Moving forward is bound to bring positive results.