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How to keep spirit and body cheerful after sixty years of age?

None of us will be forever young, but every age has its charms, that's why we need to prepare for this period of our life from early on.

A person is born and crosses certain age limits and reaches old age. In our time, there is sufficiently developed medicine and various occult techniques through which the youth of the body can be maintained. A person's body is a reflection of his soul.

How many times have you met people who look older than their age and vice versa and wonder how these oddities happen.

Much depends on thoughts and human consciousness, that is, what you think is how you live and how you think about your body is how you look. It all depends on your deep faith.

What is old age and why do people age? Why do some people in their eighties or ninety years look significantly younger and vice versa?

Old age is a state of reconciliation, acceptance when some people reach the age of fifty they lose faith and meaning, this leads to the degradation of human consciousness. Whatever seed you sowed in childhood, adolescence, youth, you will reap now. That is, if the tasks you have set yourself have been achieved, then the body and its consciousness begin to collect the negative energy from the actions of its bearer and from those around. This can lead to a serious violation of a moral energy nature.

If a person has properly developed his consciousness, his aspiration and has correctly used his energy, having devoted himself to the care of his children, loved ones and society as a whole, he will easily be able to live to old age.
When should we prepare for old age?

The most important period for the formation of life in old age is maturity. This is preparation for the transition stage to a new life. Here you need to pay attention to what you are doing, what you are thinking about and how to analyze you understand your karmic tasks.
How to keep spiritual and physical youth?

To change the state of our consciousness. You should know that your thoughts affect the state of your body, your face is your soul. If you have bad thoughts they will affect your body and also your loved ones. We are what we think, eat and drink. Our body is our actions.

Meditation practices, yoga and other physical exercises help a lot to maintain our condition. To maintain a normal weight, this is a correct attitude of us towards those around us.

Remember that always your clean thoughts will help you preserve your soul and the perception of a young person with great experience will help you to live a magnificent old age.