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Feng Shui recommendations

It should not sit in a corner. According to Feng Shui, the corner, whether it is a corner of a table, a cabinet or any other corner that sends unfavorable energy to the person and affects his health and finances in an unfavorable light.

Don't say goodbye over the threshold, you'll get into a fight. It is true that the threshold is an energy barrier separating two worlds. On one side is one's own, on the other is the foreign one. The invisible border prevents contact from being established or the connection is broken.

Food should not be prepared when the cook is unwell. The food consumed during such cooking is harmful to a person and can bring mental suffering.

Don't stand behind people. According to Feng Shui, this is the weakest energy position. There should always be a wall behind you and the back of your home should be protected by a hill or another house.

Don't look in a broken mirror. Such viewing can harm your health.

The pocket mirror protects against the enemy. It is believed that when meeting with an ill-wisher, the pocket mirror will neutralize harmful influences, of course if it is with the reflective side out.

Don't go back, or if you have to go back, sit down and look at yourself in a mirror, that way your energy will double.

Run under the rainbow and you will be happy. According to Feng Shui, there should be a rainbow in every home. That is why entrances in the form of arches are so favorable - passing under them we step under the arches every time and receive protection from the heavens.