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How to come to terms with different signs?

Reconciliation with Aries is simple

Scandals with the representatives of the Aries zodiac sign are violent, but they pass quickly. If you want to reconcile faster, observe when Aries will "cool down" and behave as if nothing happened. If you don't see it, just call him with an offer. Your voice should sound cheerful and energetic. It is very likely that Aries will be inspired and immediately respond positively to your proposal. When you see each other, don't discuss the prevention, it will only irritate him.

Peace with Taurus does not come immediately

Taurus is not prone to quick mood swings. He can be angry for a long time, but he is generally peaceful and is able to appreciate any attempt at reconciliation. Try not to clarify your relationship over the phone, he prefers personal communication. Invite him over and cook his favorite meal. The way to the heart of Taurus is through the stomach. Wear something that he has always liked. Create a cozy atmosphere of love and peace. Taurus will definitely forgive you.

Do not delay reconciliation with Gemini

Especially if the relationship is marital. Restore your relationship as quickly as possible. You will definitely have to take the first step. A personal meeting is not necessary, casual communication by phone is sufficient. Talk cheerfully as if nothing happened. More humor and immediacy and no pretensions.

Cancer takes a long time to inflate

He has a strong emotional memory. He will not show initiative to reconcile. So take matters into your own hands. Reconciliation is best done at home or in nature. Be sure to show him that the quarrel has caused you a lot of mental anguish. Remember fun times together. Drag him into some common event and you will see that Cancer has forgotten the scandal.

It's not easy to get along with a Leo

His emphasized sense of dignity will make it very difficult for you to get along with him. At the same time, he is royally magnanimous and noble. Invite him somewhere where good friends or important guests gather. Give him a chance to show himself to the world. Keep a low profile and pay attention only to your irresistible Leo. That way you will satisfy his ego.

Let Virgo make the first move

Representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign are too cautious, and your excessive activity can cause Virgos anxiety and mistrust. In order to reconcile more quickly and painlessly with the representatives of the zodiac, admit your mistakes and shortcomings in your relationship with him. Otherwise, you risk breaking up for good. And remember that Virgos are wired to feel right in any situation.

Libra can't stand misunderstandings

It is not at all difficult to get along with a representative of the sign Libra. It is more difficult to quarrel with them, and if you have still achieved this, do not postpone reconciliation. Invite the Libra to some social event. You should not discuss the fight, but mention that you are truly sorry for what happened. The chance of getting reconciliation is huge.

Scorpio can also take revenge

It is most difficult to fix your relationship with a Scorpio. He never forgets insults and will do everything possible to take revenge on you. You need to predispose him so that he can say everything he has in mind for you. So he will let off steam. Even when smoothing out the relationship, always keep one thing in mind for the Scorpio, you can expect anything from him.

Sagittarius doesn't hold grudges

Representatives of this noble sign will forgive you very quickly. They do not shy away from clarifying the situation, but with their inherent goodness they will present their point of view on what happened. Leave him the right to his own interpretation of events. Don't interrupt him or try to argue with him. In this case, cloudless happiness will immediately appear on the horizon.

Don't let Capricorn close in on himself

The offended Capricorn can close in on himself for a long time. Take his aloofness for a lack of mood. Do not push him to show that you need his help. Also show him that you have learned from the argument and learned from the situation. In this case, the chance to get better is also great.

Aquarius is unpredictable

You can reconcile with him immediately after the quarrel or after a while under original circumstances. He'll love it if you make the first move. It would be a good occasion to invite him to old friends. And forget about the insults you have inflicted on each other and do not discuss the quarrel anymore.

Pisces are my wounded creatures

They can be offended by anything that for anyone else is a trifle. It's pointless to look for reconciliation until he gets over the situation. Be patient and reconciliation will occur just as after a sea storm, the sea calms down and the sun appears. And most importantly, don't forget that the representatives of the zodiac need your sympathy and tenderness.