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What is the person like in relation to his food tastes

Each of us has our own taste preferences, some like to consume more local products, others more vegetables and fruits, others prefer sugar products.

We will try to understand on what principle people choose their food and how it affects their character.


Native brothers and sisters appear to be very active people prone to reckless actions. For them, there are both rapid ups and rapid falls in life. Their impulsive actions can create serious problems in both personal and social life. Meat lovers need to control themselves so that they can become more balanced.


People who eat fish are calm, even melancholic people. They love compromises in everything. Artful diplomats say yes or no without thinking in personal, veiled ways, and each person understands these words in their own way. Seafood lovers are good analysts who understand the interrelationship between things and events.


Creative persons, hardworking and interested in other people's problems. They do not necessarily make a breakthrough career, but their creative abilities do not go unnoticed.


In most cases, they are vegetarians, but of course this is not a rule. Vegetable lovers have good leadership qualities and determination to achieve their goals. As a rule, they are very practical.


They find it difficult to solve their life problems. People with poor mental organization. They often get depressed. In order to improve their mental attitude, it is desirable to limit the consumption of such products.


Open and pleasant people who love guests and know how to organize celebrations. Basically, they are maximalists.

Different hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza are preferred by people who have not grown up. In principle, there is nothing terrible in this, but it is desirable to be careful about what we eat and what products prevail on our table.