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The influence of mirrors in a person's personal life

The mirror has a special magical meaning in many cultures. Occultists advise us to be very careful when placing mirrors in the bedroom.

Fashion trends of modern design very often contradict the energy laws and disrupt the harmonious movement of energy.

Let's look at exactly how mirrors in the bedroom influence the interpersonal relations between partners.

An improperly folded mirror can lead to health problems and can promote the development of conflicts.

The mirror above the bed can become the cause of problems in relationships. During sleep, our fears and subconscious concerns are reflected in the mirror and realized in real life. As a result, conflicts between the partners begin, which at a later stage can lead to separation and even divorce.

The mirrors that are located on the side of the bed contribute to energy leakage, imbalance in the body and negative emotions, such as anger, irritation and aggression. With a mirror placed like this, partners may have frequent conflicts.

The mirror in which the lower part of the body is reflected can cause low self-esteem, a tendency to loneliness, and various diseases related to the sexual and excretory system.

It is important to note that mirrors bought from an antique store or taken from other people should not be placed in the bedroom or even in the home. We should be especially careful with gifted mirrors. Even if a person does not want to knowingly harm your happiness, a gift mirror can harm you. In such cases, the mirror will project the donor's fate onto you. In my practice, there are cases when the cause of serious family conflicts and separation was a mirror given at the wedding or on another occasion.

To balance the energy and eliminate the negative impact of unfavorably placed mirrors, place a large flower or a vase with bamboo. In this way, you will eliminate the negative influence of mirrors