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New Moon Magical Rituals

The new moon is the first day of the new lunar month. The rituals in question can be done on the first, second and third lunar day. The new moon can be used for magical rituals aimed at attracting love, money and luck.

Ritual for money

Take paper money of different denominations and hide them in different places in your home so that no one can see them. After three days, take this money and use it to buy necessary products or household items. It is believed that money is charged with the power of the moon, and during this lunar month it will return it to you in a double volume.

A wish fulfillment ritual

On the first lunar day, take a piece of paper and write your wish on it. For example: I wish they had more money or I wish a better paying job. Then take a large church candle and light it. On the first day, carefully burn the first letter of the wish you wrote, then blow out the candle. The next day, burn the second letter of your wish and that's it. On the last day, let the candle burn to the end. It is believed that in this way your wish will come true.

Beauty ritual

Three new moons in a row are toasted three months in a row on the day of the new moon. For this purpose, you need a silver cross, a glass of milk, a glass of holy water and rose oil. Fill the tub with hot water, drop the silver cross into it, pour the glasses with milk and holy water and add a few drops of the rose oil. When you lie in the bath say: Water water made me slim and beautiful and desired by all people. So it is and so be it. Amen.

Conception ritual

It is necessary in the first minutes of the new moon to leave a glass of water by the window and say: As the new moon comes to the sky, so you say your names to us so that a new member of the family appears. Amen. It is advisable to wash with this water before intercourse.

Ritual for love

If you want to attract new love, then in the new moon you need to do the following ritual. Place in front of a mirror a glass of water and a pink or red candle, a rose preferably red. Add a few drops of rose oil to the glass of water. Light the candle and say: Rose as under the moonlight grow and the moon bring to my door my new love. So it is and so be it. Then wipe the mirror with this water and smear the handle of the outer door with it. Pour the rest of the water on the threshold and leave the rose under your bed. It is very likely that you will meet your soul mate very soon.