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How to attract money on a full moon?

Many professional astrologers use the lunar calendar for the correct distribution of the flow of energy in the human biofield. As the full moon is known and a special day, it is a period of concentration of energy that can be used for various purposes.

Money is a subtle energy that, like all living things, is influenced by the lunar cycles. A huge number of specialists, magicians, astrologers, they all use this auspicious moment to conduct rituals, rites related to the attraction of these energies. The full moon is such a moment.

We offer a way for each of you to use the lunar calendar to attract the energies of wealth. And financial growth.

There are practices through which you can change your financial situation. We are going to share with you some secrets of Moon Magick and in this way we will introduce you to the powerful flow that the full moon brings.

During the period of the full moon, to attract money, take a clay pot and put in it mint leaves, lemon balm leaves, pine needles, seven peppercorns, put money of different denominations, put minerals such as agate, red jasper and mountain crystal .

Light a green candle in front of the bowl and imagine a stream of money flowing towards you.

Then let the vessel be illuminated by moonlight. The next day, place the pot in the eastern corner of your home. At every full moon, repeat the procedure so that the vessel will become a money magnet for you and your home.

In this way, you can use the Moon to influence your material well-being.