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Methods of protection from negative impact

Tiredness after returning from work, bad mood, apathy, irritability and aggression can all be due to improper energy management. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to keep your mental balance and not become a victim of negative influence.

Never turn your back on your detractors. If during a quarrel you turn your back on your detractors, then you will feel a drop in your self-esteem. In general, talking behind a person's back is a powerful energy blow. Very often, close people during a conflict have the habit of talking behind the person's back, and in this way cause him emotional exhaustion, diseases and problems with the nervous system. Say what you want to say to the person's face if you don't want to hurt him problems of his energy.

Get rid of foreign energy every day

During the day we meet and interact with a large number of people, thus we can take some of the negative energy of these people without even suspecting it. As a rule, it is transmitted with the help of hands. If during the day you were in contact with many people, or worked with money, or touched other people's things, then after returning home, be sure to shake your hands six times. And then wash them with cool water and let them dry by themselves. This procedure will help you remove negative energy from yourself.

Don't let people influence you

Energy impact can also be done from a distance. If your ears and cheeks start to burn, it means that they are talking against you. Immediately wash your face and hands with lukewarm water, this way you will remove the negative effect from you.

Another way after a stressful day is to take a contrast shower.

By removing negative energy, you will be in a good mood and you will be an energetic person.