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Magic souvenirs

Many people carry various souvenirs on their keys and do not realize that their well-being depends on what souvenir they put on their key chain.

A souvenir in the shape of an elephant will protect you and protect you from obsession

The turtle as a souvenir attached to your key chain will help increase your income.

The main symbol for financial success is a frog with a coin in its mouth. Such souvenirs attract money.

After you have chosen a figurine, pay attention to their shape. Feng Shui experts say that the corner collects negative energy, and if you wear an item with sharp corners, it will definitely damage you.

A product that you can make yourself by taking and punching three coins and stringing them on a red thread.. Such a talisman will bring you good monetary income.

Another option is to make a product from the bark of an oak tree. This tree will not only bring you longevity but also wealth. Such a talisman may not look like you know what, but it will make your income stable.

You should always carry such items with you. Put them on your key chains, in your wallet. Make sure you give them the attention they need.

Remember that they bring you success!