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How to conceive a child of the desired gender?

From childhood, children play mothers and fathers and ask the question. What kind of child do you want to have, a boy or a girl? When they grow up, they see that this question sounds very relevant.

Trying to conceive a child of a certain gender, some women use the help of a professional, while others trust folk methods.

One method is diet.

It is believed that when a woman consumes a lot of calcium, the probability of conceiving a girl increases. Accordingly, with complete calcium restriction, there is a chance to conceive a boy.

The sex of the child can also be determined from the combination of the mother's age and the month of conception. If a woman conceives on an even anniversary of her age, she can conceive a girl. This can be done in the months: February, April, June, August and October. If it is an odd anniversary of the mother, the child must be conceived in January, March, May, July, September and November, in which case she will give birth to a boy.

As they are younger women give birth to boys. Thirty-year-old women give birth to more girls.

There is another opinion that November, December and January are months suitable for conceiving boys, and May, June and July are suitable for conceiving girls.

There are also folk methods that can help in conceiving a certain gender of the child. For example, if a woman wants to give birth to a boy, she must conceive on a new moon and under the pillow and have a child's toy with which boys often play.

Regardless of the examples, the most important thing is love and health. If a woman conceives in a calm and favorable atmosphere, a happy child will appear regardless of gender.