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New Moon Love Names

The new moon is a good time to do rituals for love. In this period, people gain more energy and thus have a chance to realize their dreams.

Rituals can be performed on a new moon to strengthen love relationships or attract the desired partner.

The new moon on April 7 is an ideal time to make your dreams come true.

The first option is to whisper certain words to attract love or smooth relationships.

For this purpose, you can refer to the beloved being and say: My beloved, trust me and discover new horizons for our love

Tava is a very simple ritual but filled with great strength and power.

On the evening of April 7-8, leave water in a transparent container on the balcony or window. It is good if you have a crystal vessel to fill it with water. On the morning of April 8, wash your face with this water and do the calling according to your desire. Whether to find a suitable partner or strengthen your existing relationship. Let the words come from within, so your chance of success will be very high.

Another method is on the evening of April 7 to write the name of your beloved on a piece of paper and imagine them in such a light as you wish and then burn the paper and throw a rooster out the window.

The new moon on April 7 opens up many possibilities. On this day you can increase your energy, get the sympathy and love of the people you want. You need to be charged with the right emotions and imagination to achieve your goals.

We wish you luck!