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Magic rituals for hormones and prosperity in the home

The modern world is changing, but the woman is the breadwinner of the home hearth and thus preserves the sacred power to protect the home. In every culture and tradition, the protection of the home is primarily associated with the mother.

In this article, we will reveal to you some secrets and secrets of ancient women that helped them to activate and use their power for the good of their family.

Symbols and practices supporting feminine power

First of all, the housewife must have an assistant who is connected to the astral world. Honoring the ancestors and worshiping the forces of nature gives a powerful energy charge. In the home, there should definitely be a corner where family relics and photographs of your family can be stored. In this corner there should always be a vase with fresh flowers, baked sweets, which at the end of each lunar month it is desirable to give to the birds. During the equinox periods, be sure to leave a glass of red wine in the corner for nine days, after the expiration of the period, pour the wine at the base of a tree. In this sacred corner, you will be able to conduct spiritual practices that will activate the protective forces of your family and home. You can mentally seek spiritual support from deceased relatives to protect your family in difficult situations.

In every home it is desirable to have a sacred altar, which should be located in the south or east. Here you can put icons or ritual objects depending on your religion or personal beliefs, in which you should light a candle or a small lamp every night. This practice can cleanse the home of negative influence. Fire is always a very powerful purifier of energy.

Useful tips for your kitchen

Every housewife is obliged to have ritual utensils to use on special occasions. In order for peace and harmony to reign in your home, in the kitchen you can keep a transparent glass container in which you can put wheat seeds, peas, garlic, corn seeds, nettle leaves, donkey's milkweed, three coins of the same value. Each of these products has a sacred meaning and helps protection and harmony in relationships, promotes the flow of energy, abundance and health. Put all these products in the glass container and on top put and light a church candle. When it burns the wax will seal the vessel. The ritual is done on a full moon. You must keep this vessel for a period of one year from the time of preparation. In this way, you will protect you and your immediate surroundings from problems, obstacles, misunderstandings. It is best to keep this container on some ledge. After the expiration date, the container is thrown into running water.

Clearing the trash from home

An important attribute in this endeavor is the household broom. In today's world, it may not be used as intended, but it is desirable to have. You should buy the broom on a new moon and wind a red woolen thread around the handle and tie it in seven knots. When preparing the broom, you order. Banish evil and envy from the home, and leave good and happiness in the home. Place this ritual broom near the front door. In case of quarrels or unpleasant guests, collect the garbage and throw it on the street. In this way, you will remove negativity from your home.

Through these rituals you will be able to protect your home and enjoy harmony and prosperity.