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Magic of water - aquarium

According to Feng Shui, water is a source of energy that is capable of attracting happiness, harmony and well-being to the home. Water has a beneficial effect on the home in the form of a fountain, aquarium or artificial waterfall.

Water calms and positively affects the human mind, and also improves the quality of air in closed spaces. Looking at flowing water is recommended during meditation, the water will help the person to relax and is a good means of relaxation after a hard day.

Aquarium parameters, inhabitants, location

Aquariums are very popular in many Asian countries. In almost every Asian home in the Southeast sector, you can see an aquarium located. An aquarium with fish is not just an ornament and a symbol of water, it is the embodiment of wealth, well-being and success of the home in which it is located.

The quantity and color of the fish are important. The ideal combination would be if there are eight gold-colored fish in the aquarium and one black fish no bigger than the others.

The parameters of the aquarium are also of great importance. It is best if the height is 38 centimeters and the width is 26 centimeters. According to Feng Shui masters, size, capacity and aquatic inhabitants are of great importance. In addition, the location and shape of the aquarium should be taken into account.

You should not put it against the front door, or the door of the toilet, putting it in these places you risk the success of the home.

The shape of the aquarium is best to be a rectangle or a square, but not a triangle.

Fish in China predicts determination and persistence.

If you do not have the possibility of an aquarium you can use paintings or photos of water bodies, plants such as the river lily these remedies can also have a positive effect on the happiness and well-being of your home.