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Magic of plants and trees

If you have a small agricultural property or cottage you can create a powerful source of natural forces with the right placement of trees and plants.

Protective properties of plants

Along the fence of an agricultural property or a cottage, you need to plant bushes or climbing plants. Raspberry bushes protect against penetration of negative energy, protect against conflicts with neighbors, family discords and mental anxieties. If possible, it is desirable to plant the raspberry on the east or south side of the property.

Buckthorn has strong protective properties and helps to dissipate the effects of pathogenic zones. The plant is good to place along the front door or the north side of the property. Rakitnitsa fruits have properties to restore the immune system, fight bacteria and viruses, help with skin problems. If a person has come to you that you feel has negative energy towards you, be sure to throw a few fruits of the plant after his departure, in this way you will neutralize his negative energy and protect you and your family.

Walnut tree of strength, the tree will help you restore your energy resources. The best place for the Walnut is to place it at the entrance to your plot or near your house.

You can place sea grapes next to the fence. The plant can neutralize negative energy especially if you have conflicting and unfriendly neighbors.

Coniferous trees should not be planted if the family that owns the plot has unaccompanied children. Conifers symbolize solitude and seclusion and block interaction with the world. If you have chosen a spiritual path or solitude, you can boldly plant a fir or a cypress.

Importance and influence of flower beds

From an energy point of view, it is desirable to make beds with Tulips and Lilies in a round shape, in this way they will strengthen your financial capabilities and contacts with the world.

Lilies and chrysanthemums are also good to form in round beds, they, in turn, will help with career advancement and public recognition.

Roses and daffodils are good to arrange in rectangular flower beds, they will help your creative abilities.

Fruit crops

Apricot reveals sensual energies and is suitable for newlyweds.

The sour cherry and the cherry will help you get rid of despondency, depression.

The apple is a symbol of family and harmonizes family and love relationships.

The pear helps to quickly restore the body and reveal hidden possibilities

Plum helps to quickly get rid of melancholy, it also helps with financial growth.

Special properties of grasses

It is possible that you have grasses in your garden, but you should not fight with them. For example, Thorn grows in negative places and neutralizes their negative influence.

Nettle enhances female energy and helps to get rid of loneliness.

Wormwood drives away evil spirits and acts as a bridge to contact your ancestors.

The wild poppy is a symbol of psychic energy that you can use for creative purposes.

If you have the above-mentioned grasses in your yard, it would be good to separate them from other plants and trees with a stone path and thus preserve their special energy.

Love and care for your plants and trees so you can use their magical properties.