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The Christian cross is a protective talisman

The cross is a very strong talisman. There is a belief that the cross can warn and save its owner from danger and trouble.

What other beliefs are there?

Can a foreign cross be worn?

According to folk beliefs, a foreign cross should definitely not be worn. By accepting another's cross you are taking upon yourself all the sins of the person to whom the cross belonged.

Do not pick up a lost cross from the ground

If you find someone else's cross, you should not take it and pay no attention to such findings in order not to bring trouble and illness.

If the cross is darkened

This means that it affects you but negatively. If the chain on which you wear the cross breaks, it is possible that some trouble will happen to you.

What can we do to avoid these troubles?

You must repent of your mistakes and sins and ask for forgiveness from all the people you have caused pain and suffering.

If the cross is lost

Expect troubles, as a rule, people who have lost a cross or simply stopped wearing it can expect troubles and problems. Therefore, it is advisable to always carry it with you.

If you believe in folk beliefs, this is a very strong talisman, but also a kind of indicator of the state of a person's soul

Do only good, and then your cross will protect you from all troubles