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Plants are a faithful helper

Since ancient times, people have tried to use plants for various purposes. In the modern world, the medicinal properties of herbs are used in both traditional and alternative medicine. It's no secret that at pharmacies you can buy a collection of herbs or tea that help in the treatment of various diseases.

In this article we will look at the energy potential of plants and tell you how you can use them to clear your aura and get energy to fulfill your intentions.

All plants also have a connection with the planets.

Moon- plants with white flowers whose flowers can be used to make sleeping pills. These plants grow in or on water. Plants growing under the moon are used for dream awareness.

Jupiter. Plants with thick stems, broad leaves and a pleasant smell. They bring success in career.

Mercury creepers with small variegated flowers. We succeed in work, games strengthen eloquence and oratorical skills.

Mars- plants, with spikes. They protect against magical attacks and negative influence. They enhance strength and virility.

Venus - plants with pink or purple flowers with a pleasant smell. They are used for love spells and matters related to beauty and pleasure.

Sun - plants with yellow, golden flowers, hard stems, large leaves and a faint invigorating smell. Plants have a protective effect.

Now we will tell you about some properties of plants and in what cases you can use them.

Onion - protection and treatment half an onion is placed in some corner and left to sit overnight, this method will collect the negative energy in the home, then the onion is thrown in the garbage. It would be good to perform the procedure on a waning Moon.

Linden - the leaves and flowers of the plant are used for protection from negative influences, for good sleep and success in love.

Lily of the valley - stimulates the mind, strengthens the memory, restores the power of speech.

Birch-bark of the tree protects against negative influence, cleans the human aura.

Hawthorn - fulfills wishes, on the night of the full moon, write your wish on a leaf and put it on the largest branch of the plant. To prevent it from falling, seal it with wax. It is said that the wish will be fulfilled within a year at the latest.

Oak - protects against evil forces, gives longevity and prosperity. When you are physically and emotionally exhausted, touch your back to the tree and within a few minutes you will regain your strength. Acorn is a symbol of fertility, people wear it for easier conception and obtaining sexual power.

Plants will provide you with an invaluable service so that you can achieve your plans.