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The magic of gold

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The magic of gold

Gold is a symbol of the Sun and has attracted people's attention since ancient times. They equated it with power, wealth and power. They fought and killed for him.

We can perceive gold as an indicator of material well-being, but we can also use it to attract success, relieve some pains and even regulate the character. How to do this we will tell you now.

Magical properties of gold

Gold loves decisive, ambitious and creative natures. It is considered the metal of the representatives of the zodiac sign Leo.

Gold chains and pendants

Gold perfectly helps a person's emotions and makes him very balanced, calm. It helps, regardless of the mood of the person who owns it, to make rational and not emotional decisions. Because of these qualities, it is desirable for easily irritable people to include it in their clothing. In this way, they will quench their temper.


A massive gold ring will make its owner confident in his own powers, endow him with power over people and attract success to his side. Such a gold ornament enables its owner to see all emerging opportunities, gives determination to take risks and defend interests.


Gold earrings help their owners to have many admirers.

If you are about to meet for the first time or to interview for a new job, earrings can play the role of a talisman that will bring you success.


If you are engaged in creative professions such as painting, jewelry art or writing, then the gold bracelet is for you. Through it, your hands will become golden and you will make masterpieces with them.

Bracelets should not be worn by those who are afraid of becoming emotionally dependent on another person, and also by those who succumb to foreign influence.

Gold as medicine

Healing properties are also attributed to gold. For example, it is believed that if you hold gold in your mouth, the tooth or throat pain will go away.

If you put a gold article next to your sick joints, spine or liver, it will relieve the pain, but a consultation with a qualified physician is also desirable.

It may be that you do not tolerate gold or you can have an allergy to it, there is nothing to worry about, your body is not compatible with that metal.