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How to get your loved one back with the help of magic

It often happens that your partner simply does not want to continue his relationship with you and you care about him very much, in this case only magic helps.

If you want to make your loved one call you, you need to imagine his image, eyes, smell, hear his voice, and most importantly, imagine him dialing your phone number. It is important to visualize the event well every day for 10 minutes until you achieve the desired effect.

Another way or ritual is to use a red apple. Cut the apple in half. You cut out a space in the middle of the apple and write your name on a piece of paper and put it in one half, write his name and put it in the other half. You bring the two halves together and tie them with red thread. Leave the apple in the sun for at least three days. Then dig around your loved one's home. It would be good to perform the ritual on a new moon.

Candle ritual. Thai is considered to be very effective. Take two red candles. Write your name on one and the name of your loved one on the other. It would be great if you had a picture of him. Light the candles, wait for the first drops of wax to fall on the photo and speak: Our paths cross, our hearts beat as one, it means we will live in love and happiness. Let the candles burn out, take the leftovers and wrap them in the photo and put them under your pillow. It would be good to perform this procedure on a growing Moon on Friday.

These methods appear to be safe and help bring back loved ones.