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How do we know if we have magic done?

Today, anyone can become a victim of magic, but how do we know if it has a negative impact on us?

Pay attention to your state of health, as a rule, magic works differently for each person. Listed below are the main signs of negative impact. If you find at least three signs in yourself, it is necessary to consult with a specialist who can remove the magic from you.

Illnesses occur that cannot be diagnosed

You feel uncomfortable when visiting a church or when chatting in prayer

You dream that someone is breathing you at night

Loss of interest in life, bad mood

Loss of appetite or reverse increase in appetite tremendously

Feeling that someone is sitting behind you, but you are alone at home

When talking to a person, you cannot look him in the eye for a long time

You often find hairs, insects and other objects in the food you eat

Another way to determine if you have a spell cast is by using an egg.

Take an egg and a glass of holy water, cross yourself three times and read the "Our Father" prayer. Then break the egg and pour it into the glass with the holy water. If the water after this procedure remains clear, then you have not done magic, but if the water darkens or the white becomes in strips and rises to the top, then you have done magic.

Another method of taking a church candle is to light it and start reading a favorite prayer. If a candle begins to emit black smoke or smoke, then you have a negative influence.

If you find some of the listed signs, it is advisable to contact a specialist to help you. It would be good to strengthen your energy field after that.