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New Moon Magical Rituals

When a new moon occurs, many people have the opportunity to solve their problems thanks to magical rituals very quickly.

How to change our future

It turns out that this is possible by establishing contact with the Universe and the Absolute.

One of the good and easy to implement method is visualization.

Imagine what you want to accomplish at this stage in your life. Draw this picture in your mind and hold it for three days from the day of the new moon. It will be even better if you can draw and paint your wish. If you drew it, you must place the drawing under your pillow for the time period indicated above in the article. In this way you will make contact with the Universe and the Absolute. On the third day, roll up the picture and burn it and throw the ashes into the street. Do this ritual every new moon until your wish comes true.

For the second ritual, you will need a candle. On the night of the new moon or in the next three after it, light the candle and set yourself up for contact with the higher powers or the power you believe in. Turn to the power of fire and imagine your desire. Slow down your breathing and paint a picture of your desire thanks to the fire. Create the right atmosphere and imagine that your dream has already come true. Then blow out the candle and go to bed. With good concentration, your wish may come true by the next new moon.

In the third method, you will need an incense stick. The choice will be yours. On the night of the new moon or three nights after it, you can light the scented candle and imagine the picture of your desire. Take a few deep breaths and then hold your breath for as long as is comfortable. With the hold imagine the picture - your desire and with the exhalation its realization.

Your wishes can come true if you put your faith in it.

We wish you luck!