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Items we need to get rid of

These items are practically found in every home, but few people understand about these dangers. So what gets in the way of our health and inner peace?

Old antiques

Everything in the world has a life span, both for people and for objects. Therefore, we should not store old objects in our home. Such items can have a negative impact on our health and activity. It would be good to throw them in the trash or hide them from our eyes.

Items related to death

It is dangerous to keep objects from dead people in the home, they carry the energy of death, which brings harm to living people. Also dangerous are any figures made from natural bones or teeth from killed animals. These objects also carry the energy of death, suffering and pain.

Gifts from people unpleasant to you

If you own such items, you should definitely get rid of them. These objects have a strong connection between the giver and the person receiving the gift.

Items that trigger unpleasant memories

It doesn't matter if it's a ring or a photo, all of these items trigger unpleasant memories and reminders and can destroy your energy system. Therefore, it is desirable to part with them.

Random found stuff

You should not pick up forgotten or lost items from the street or public places. Like ornaments, money, toys and the like. It is possible that magic has been done on them, or through their owner you wish to get rid of some disease or addiction.

By removing such negative items from your home, you will make your life safe, harmonious and happy.