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Rituals for material well-being

For wealth - It is done on a full moon. Buy a new ceramic or copper pot in advance, preferably in the shape of a cauldron. Fill it with water and drop a silver coin at the bottom. Place the cauldron so that the moonlight can shine on it. 

Cover it with your hands as if you were symbolically collecting the lunar silver. Say:

Loving Queen of the Moon,

Send wealth and luxury.

Silver and gold in hand, here I beg you in this night.

Repeat the text three times. When you are done, pour the water on the ground, maybe on the roots of a tree.

Cash check

During the full moon, write yourself a check to receive money, writing the date and your full name. Leave a blank instead of sum. You can also write a certain amount, but before that you need to find out what the size of your internal wallet is. This means you can only get as much money as you can afford to have. Follow your gut feeling by starting with a small amount and gradually increasing it. The amount at which you feel uncomfortable, it seems that you cannot get it, this is your limit. Start gradually increasing it by writing it on paper and putting it in a prominent place. Every time you pass by it and your eyes fall on the sheet, think and imagine how much money you want in the first place. At the bottom of the check, write insert number, date and signature. Then put it away where no one can find it. Within seven days you will receive the desired amount or compensation in the form of items, good luck good news.

Rain of coins

On a full moon, collect all the coins from your pockets and purse. After taking a thorough bath, thoroughly shower yourself with them, as if you were being showered with rain. The effect is one-time, do it when you really need money.

Money under the trail

You need a banknote, preferably not smaller than twenty BGN. This method is suitable for those whose door opens outwards or the threshold is quite high, so that a small path or doormat can be placed on the inside next to the door. If you don't have it, buy one. Put the banknote under it. When cleaning and washing, move the track, but do not forget to put the banknote in its place. In this way, your home will enjoy material well-being

Purse on the Moon

Carefully follow the lunar calendar. On every full moon, leave your own purse open on the windowsill. Place it so that the moonlight shines on it. Do this on all three days of the full moon. And during the three nights of the new moon, leave your purse with as much money as possible on the windowsill.

Attracting money

On the evening of the fourth lunar day after the new moon, when the thin crescent of the new Moon first appears, go to the window, shake coins and rustle bills. Say you are a month younger and my money will have no end. The most important thing is not to mess up the day.

To find a job

The growing Moon can help fulfill your desire for a new job or a new position. On the first day of this phase, write on a white sheet: I want to find a new job right away. Place the leaves in a white plate and place seven grains of rice on top. When your wish is fulfilled or the goal is achieved, plant the rice grains.