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A talisman for those who want to get married

We will introduce you to the talismans and amulets created since ancient times in different parts of the world that act and bring joy and fulfillment of wishes.

Think and write what qualities you want your chosen one to have, what to do, what means to have. On a thin sheet of paper, write the acceptable qualities of your future man, but do not forget about the shortcomings that you have to put up with. The bigger the list, the better your chances of meeting a suitable partner. Put the list in a lace bag and carry it around, or keep it under your pillow.

An ideal time for this procedure is the new moon. Wear or keep the talisman under the pillow until the twelfth lunar day. On the twelfth lunar day, light two red candles at midnight and put the list under them. Concentrate on what you have written, but in no case try to imagine what your future man will look like. Otherwise, without wanting to, you may imagine an old love, an image of a favorite actor, or a face seen by chance in the crowd. And so to reject the person that fate wishes to send you. After the candles have burned down, burn the list on the double flame and visualize the image of your wedding. I remind you that you should imagine everything more vividly. If you wish everything from the heart, your wish will come true.

Talisman of Venus

It is an ancient Roman talisman and dedicated to the goddess of love Venus, also to the planet of the same name, which is also responsible for love. The talisman can be one-sided only with a pentagram and signs or double-sided with the Goddess Venus herself depicted on the other side. You decide what you will wear.

The talisman will help you find happy and mutual love, make you more feminine, ready to perceive new feelings at a subconscious level without fear and doubt.

The talisman will open you up and help you meet new love.

Flowers of Aphrodite

This amulet is from Greece, a flower with six petals, not only love but also harmony is encoded in it. The amulet will attract a person who is set up for an equal partnership. And Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and will endow the woman with incredible attractiveness. A man will always pay attention to such a woman, and so she will find the most worthy partner for her.

Shakti Amulet

The goddess Shakti is Shiva's wife but also his creative force with which he maintains the balance in the world. Shakti this is the Mother Goddess this is the cosmic feminine principle and divine creative energy.

The amulet attracts a stable vital

flow, and endows the wearer with healthy offspring.

Talisman YIN-YAN

It is a very popular symbol in Eastern culture. It depicts an attraction of opposites that form a harmonious whole. This talisman can attract love and family happiness, adjusts to balance. You see the world as it really is and you are only with sincere intentions.

Which talisman amulet and from which tradition you will choose you will decide to use yourself. Just remember that love has no nationality and creed, and if you believe in the power of these talismans, you will find love and family happiness.