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How to protect ourselves from negative impact?

During the day we meet different people, good or negative. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine which person wishes us good or bad. The negative energy emanating from our detractors can mess up many of our plans. In this article, we offer you several simple methods with which you will be able to neutralize the negative impact.

How to protect ourselves from negative impact?

When talking to a person who you feel is negative towards you, you can neutralize this radiation by using some special postures to block this influence.

Cross your arms over your chest.

If you are sitting, put one leg over another.

Wear a red woolen thread on your right hand.

Carry a safety pin or interlace your fingers.

If you feel an unkind look, do not look the person in the eyes, but direct your gaze to the base of his nose.

If you feel sick after contact with such a person, take a lukewarm shower or wash your hands and face.

Do not stand with your back to your ill-wisher, because a back curse is considered very dangerous.

You can also say: Whatever you wish for me, may it happen to you many times over.