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Magic for money

Each type of magic hides its own secrets, without which the ritual will not work. In this article, we will tell you how to increase your well-being.

Whenever you receive money from other people, Druids advise, leave it in the center of the table face up. Stretch your hands over the money, joining the two thumbs and forefingers of the hands in the form of a triangle and look at the money through the opening that is formed. Focus on it and imagine how it forms a money tree. The money tree grows and money starts falling into your hands. After the preview is over, put the money away in a safe place.

Useful tips for money magic:

Sprinkle your money with ground cinnamon to keep your money growing.

Never give money to another person in folded form. Fold the money in half and give it with the folded side forward. If you give the money spread out, your money will not grow but will decrease.

Rub some dried mint and a little cinnamon between your palms before you head out for a big purchase. Imagine how everything you spend comes back to you in a triple amount.

Every day put a small coin in a glass jar with a wish for prosperity and abundance. When the jar is filled to the top, seal it and hide it in a secret place.