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The moon faithful assistant to the leader

Every manager, big or small, is interested in how to make their business thrive. All entrepreneurs dream that their workers work efficiently, do not make mistakes and do not create problems. How to motivate the team to work so that everything goes smoothly?

Foresight managers together with psychologists develop entire systems and programs to motivate employees. Businessmen need to solve salary problems, consider relationships. Female managers sense the moment with their motherly nature, when to pat the worker on the head, with what bonus to give him, and when to punish him severely. Male managers find it difficult to navigate and this costs them a lot of strength and nerves.

How to avoid emotional losses may not be suggested by the Moon.

Motivating associates with the help of the Moon

First Lunar day – time for planning and determining what questions and tasks will be faced by the leadership in the current lunar month.

Second Lunar Day - on this day, those who serve take the news more lightly

Fourth Lunar day - material assistance, money received on this day creates a feeling of satisfaction, but the lunar calendar changes every month and does not coincide with the usual one, so it is desirable for managers to give bonuses or announcements of promotions on this Lunar day

Five and twenty-seventh Lunar days are suitable for solving crisis situations in the team.

Seventh lunar day - people on this day agree to everything that is offered to them.

Eleven and fifteen Lunar days is a time for personal examples

Twelve and twenty-second Lunar days are suitable for study

Eighteen Lunar day layoffs of lazy employees

Twentieth Lunar Day orders for the promotion of officials

Twenty-fourth day Lunar day of gratitude to employees

To find the appropriate time for actions on the part of managers, they can use the Lunar calendar or consult a specialist.